Terms & Conditions

Dear passenger, below are the terms and conditions that apply to the purchase of your Conexiones Tornado tickets. For any questions or clarification please call 800-867-6236.

Tickets purchased over the Internet or via telephone

For purchases made with Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express), it is necessary to present your confirmation number (sent by text message to the cell phone you provided) and an ID to obtain your tickets at the ticket office before the date and time of your trip.


Reservations are not valid for travel. Since we do not have a ticket reservation service, the only option is to purchase your ticket in full.

Ticket Exchange

The changes apply only for the date and time of your tickets, in no case you can make a change of origin or passenger. To change the schedule of your tickets purchased online, it is necessary to go to Conexiones Tornado ticket office at least two hours before the departure of your trip to exchange your ticket and request the change, or if you prefer you can make your change in Call Center at 800-867-6236. Change fees may apply in accordance with prevailing fares.


The fare shown on the ticket is only valid for the time, date, type of service and trip selected. Prices may vary depending on the different periods of the year.

  • Children between 0 years old and up to 2 years 11 months, do not pay ticket and travel in the arms of an adult.
  • Children between 3 years old and up to 9 years 11 months old pay child fare and are assigned a seat number.
  • From 10 years of age and older pay full fare and a seat number is assigned.

Open Ticket Purchase

You may purchase your open ticket in single or round trip with the option to select your departure date and time.

This ticket is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase and is subject to availability of seats and schedules.

Discounts & Promotions


You must present an official ID that proves you are 60 years of age or older, INE or INAPAM credential.

Policies and restrictions:

  • Subject to availability.
  • The ticket is not transferable to another person.

Promotion (Nine Tickets, Tenth Ticket FREE)

If you have nine accumulated tickets, matching origin and destination, your tenth trip is FREE!

Policies and restrictions:

Subject to availability.
The free ticket applies only to the applicant, it is not transferable to another person.
It must be informed in advance at the ticket office, at least 5 days before your trip, otherwise it will not be valid.


Passengers are allowed 2 medium suitcases equivalent to 25 kg. each or 1 suitcase not exceeding 50 kg. as well as a small backpack to take with you on board the bus. Additional charges may apply depending on origin and excess baggage.

All baggage is subject to search by local authorities, customs and/or Tornado Connections, when authorized by applicable law. Tornado Connections is not responsible for items that authorities withhold, seize or prevent from being transported.

For security reasons and in compliance with the legal provisions on federal passenger transportation, it is not allowed to transport in the trunk articles that could jeopardize the safety of the bus, passengers and luggage in general, such as: Flammable liquids or gases (gasoline, paints, gas charges, etc.). Firearms or explosives (ammunition, fireworks, signal flares). Industrial products or household items (bleach, aerosols, mercury or solvents). Corrosive materials (acids, wet batteries, etc.). Irritating materials or substances. Oxidizing materials (such as peroxide). Radioactive materials. Chemical substances. Poisons. Oxygen, only under verifiable medical prescription.

Inside the bus: Objects and suitcases exceeding the size of the luggage rack, which could be dangerous or unsafe for the operation due to their weight, size or shape. Firearms or ammunition. Except in the cases provided for by the applicable legislation. Fishing rods, rainsticks, spears, darts, clubs, domestic tools, surgical or sharp instruments, glass, toys that simulate weapons and all those indicated as prohibited in checked baggage or any article that, in the judgment of the company’s personnel, represents a danger to passengers and the bus.

All checked baggage may be searched by any means, in the presence or not of the passenger, and with or without his knowledge, in order to prevent illegal acts or any damage to the bus, passengers and third parties. This control will be exercised by the authorities, or previously identified personnel of Conexiones Tornado, when so determined by the applicable legislation.

Each passenger is responsible before Conexiones Tornado and the authorities for the content of his/her luggage.

Passengers must identify their luggage properly, including: name, surname, telephone number, e-mail and permanent address.

Tornado Connections will not be responsible for any damage, destruction, loss, delay, refusal to transport, confiscation of property, etc. resulting from the inspections of the corresponding authorities and / or Customs, or the refusal or failure of the passenger to comply with the requirements in terms of safety, health, customs, among others. The passenger must refrain from including in his/her checked baggage articles and/or elements prohibited by the applicable legislation.

It is the passenger’s responsibility to pick up the luggage in the places provided for this purpose and verify that it belongs to him/her. Tornado Connections or the authorities may verify and require the passenger to prove that such baggage belongs to him/her, which may be evidenced, among others, with the baggage tag or ticket.

The passenger must notify Tornado Connections of any delay in the delivery of their luggage immediately upon arrival at the terminal, the passenger must fill out the form Formato de equipaje extraviado/Baggage Loss Claim at the corresponding ticket office.

Tornado Connections is not responsible for undocumented luggage or luggage traveling in the passenger cabin.

The luggage recovery process has a waiting period of 72 hours, in the case of not being located, we proceed to a compensation determined based on the provisions of the REGULATION of Article 127 of the Law of General Roads of Communication published in the Official Gazette of the Federation:

ARTICLE 24.- The payment of indemnities for damage to registered baggage shall be the equivalent of twenty days of the general minimum wage in force in the Federal District for each registered piece, unless there is declared value.


The passenger must be present one hour before the departure time indicated on the ticket to board the bus. And go directly to the ticket office to check in and print baggage tags.

Travel Restrictions

Customers who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics, or other intoxicants, or who are carrying items considered a risk to other passengers, as well as persons unable to travel due to illness or chronic health conditions, may not board the bus.

Under 17 years of age

Passengers under 17 years of age must travel accompanied and supervised by an adult, no exceptions.

General Information

Tornado Connections bus tickets are non-transferable, non-refundable and non-cancelable at any time.

Tornado Connections will not be responsible for delays or cancellation of trips due to natural disasters, road problems, closures or other conditions beyond the company’s control.

Important: Arrival times are approximate, please take this into account when planning your trip.

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